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 -Express Mail: Approx. 2-3 business days
 -EMS International: Approx. 7-24 business days
 -Priority Mail International: Approx. 6-10 Business days
 -Priority Mail Express International: Approx. 3-5 business days
 -Please note that this is just an estimate, actual shipping time can vary. We are a separate entity from EMS, therefore, we DO NOT have control over transit and delivery time. If your package is delayed, please contact the post office with your tracking number.
 If your order was shipped with EMS, the tracking numbers for International shipments only show where they are in the Taiwan, and once they ship overseas, the tracking number is not updated. Once your package is outside the Taiwan, there will be no update until it’s been delivered. The tracking will show your package being “frozen” at a major port, but this doesn’t mean your package isn’t moving, it’s actually moving overseas and not updating the system until delivery.
 All customs fees and import duties are NOT included in the purchase price. Some countries may occasionally impose customs on incoming merchandise. This DOES NOT happen very often, but it may happen randomly. As we have no control over this and do not charge additionally for customs fees, the buyer is ultimately responsible for all customs fees, import duties, and taxes. If you have concerns about this, please find out the rules from your country prior to purchase.
 The usual time for packages to clear customs is 1 to 2 days. (At times, it may take up to 45 days for your package to clear customs. This is VERY RARE but has happened before. It helps to contact your local customs office should this occur to help you get your package move quicker).
 -Please double-check your shipping address before you place your order. If you made a mistake and entered the wrong address, contact us asap and we will edit the address for you. We can only do this if we haven't shipped your package. Once the shipping label is printed, we cannot change your address.
 -If your package is returned to us, the buyer will be responsible for fees to re-ship.
 -Missing packages marked "delivered" can sometimes be misplaced. Check with your local post office and mailman. In most cases, they can locate it for you. (We WILL NOT process a refund, or send a new item if your package is marked "delivered")
 -In our experience, packages are rarely lost in the mail, but, you have the option to add insurance to your package. If you decide to purchase shipping without insurance and your package is lost, we WILL NOT process a refund or send a new item. The buyer will be responsible for contacting the post office and file a claim.
 Orders are not considered lost in transit until the following amount of time has passed.
 -Domestic (Taiwan): 21 days past shipping date
 -International: 45 days past shipping date
 -We take the time to go every day to the post office and wait for the packages to be scanned. Once your tracking number shows that the post office is in possession of your package and your package is in transit, we DO NOT have control over your package, therefore, we are not responsible for any lost or delayed packages, and we WILL NOT refund any money or send a new item. In other words, we are responsible for your purchase until it reaches EMS. We are not responsible for packages lost, damaged or delayed. This applies to DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL PACKAGES.